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Founded in 1983, UDAŞ caters to local and international companies demanding high quality consultancy and agency services. The underlying motive is to provide highly competent, reliable and integrated services.

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Company Profile

Presently UDAŞ operates through its head office in Ankara and an office in İstanbul as agents – representatives of various large enterprises across Europe.

UDAŞ has gained a solid reputation for a range of services from supplying economic information to making contacts, from carrying out contract negotiations to offering flexible solutions on project specific or market related matters to providing financial advice. UDAŞ has developed strong ties over the years with prominent international firms active in energy, water supply and treatment, pipeline engineering, transport, electricity transmission, banking. On the local side, having established a strong presence in both the political and business capitals of the country has helped create a good working relationship with the central government - ministries and institutions such as the Treasury, Privatisation Administration and with various local administrations as well as with leading firms of the public and private sector.
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